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    how to get into starfleet academy by pavel chekov

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  7. Exciting things are happening


    Hey everyone!

    At the moment, we are just 95 followers away from a goal we never even expected to reach, so that’s cool.  In honor of this, we are going to host a giveaway with some sweet stuff we picked up at the convention over the summer.  

    There’s cool novels, jewelry, and other all-around geekery.  We’d love it if you helped us out by sharing this page with any friends or followers of yours who haven’t made it here yet.  The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we start sending stuff to great people like you.  Yes, you.  The giveaway will be exclusive to followers, because we want to reward you for being so supportive and wonderful.

    That’s it, for now.


    - Sally

    And now we’re only 50 followers away.  This is going to be a great week, I can tell :)

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  14. professionalbadexample said: Starfleet, along with its associated consultants & personnel, seems rife with barely-concealed psychological issues. Who would you guys consider "the best" of the bat-shit, & how do you define them as best? The most entertaining? The most psychotic? The ones with the wildest plans?

    So we looked at this one for way too long and the only people to come to mind are Commodore Decker and possibly Janice Lester.

    Although I love Lester because she does what she wants.  Like if she has an idea, bam she goes and gets it done.

    Decker is less likeable idk.

    Oh, also that one from The Omega Glory.  You know the one.  He’s got some very disturbing and thorough plans.

    Also I want to give Harry Mudd an honorable mention just for having the most bizarre schemes in the galaxy.  We both love him dearly.

    Thanks and sorry for the sucky answer?