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    Hello officers! We reached 500 followers this morning at 2:30 AM EST (we were waiting for it to happen like nerds). Captain dewcake and I, First Officer starfleetdicks, want to extend a personal thank you to you for all your support! We also wanted to commerorate this happy occasion by sharing some of our favorite blogs who we pull content from and enjoy seeing on our personal dashes. They’re some of the many blogs that make FYMcSpirk possible!


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    If you’re a KSM fan, you should definitely check out their page; it’s one of my favorites.

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    guys i’m standing right here

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  14. labyrinthvoices said: I like the Saavik-as-a-transwoman post, because it specifically says, "It doesn't even matter." That sounds open, accepting, and trans-supportive to me; it implies Kirk is into her regardless of her gender/presentation.

    I can see this side of it, too, and I agree that Kirk would definitely be accepting of people regardless of their gender identity.

    However, I think the fact that the text reads “positive that she is a dude” erases trans women’s identities and tries to enforce that they are really secretly men because of their bodies, you know?

    Regardless, I think the post is problematic and the original post has been taken down. I totally appreciate your opinions and input, but I don’t want this to turn into a huge debate!


  15. startrekmademequeer:

    what’s the joke here? the joke of trans women existing? i get that texts from last night are often super problematic humor but what makes this funny other than the implication that Saavik is a trans woman? if that’s the entire joke, then please don’t do this thing. canon star trek is transphobic enough.

    Hello, thank you for your criticism of the post. I sincerely apologize for it, as I can see how it seems like we are trying to make fun of trans people. The text is rude, misgenders, and we shouldn’t have used it.

    Just for a little clarification, our posts aren’t always meant to be funny, necessarily. Some of them are just meant to be cute or sweet or support a headcanon that we have. In this case, we really liked the idea that Saavik is a trans woman, and we were trying to find text that supported that headcanon. Unfortunately, as you said, a lot of textsfromlastnight is offensive, especially texts about trans people. This was one of the least offensive, and in our enthusiasm for trans Saavik we posted it.

    We were in no way trying to poke fun at trans people, and I deeply apologize for this post. The original will be taken down. Again, thank you for making us aware of our mistake.


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