1. Things I Forgot to say Earlier…

    You’re welcome to keep sending asks. 

    But we want to start compiling the zine in order to get it printed before we go to con this summer.  So.  If you’re planning on writing or submitting art, please let us know and then head over to allhandszine@yahoo.com with your submissions, whether they are complete or in progress.  We’ve already received some truly wonderful writing and gorgeous artwork, and are excited to share it with you.  

    Also, we’re getting close (by close I mean like 200 away wow too eager) to 1701 followers, and will definitely do something fun for that.  Luckily we have a while to decide, because we’re not too creative sorry.

    Okay.  I think that’s all.

    Go for it.


  2. manicpixiedreamspock asked: you guys make me mega happy, and are helping me to get excited to meet Shatner (again) on Thursday.

    *incoherent sobbing*


    We’re happy to have made you happy.  Also god bless you, have an excellent time.

    You’re getting us even more excited for the convention we’re going to r in 105 days this summer.  Oh man. 

    Rock on, friend.  Rock on.

    - Sally


  3. dreaming-shark asked: What do you think of Janice Lester? Turnabout Intruder was a really misogynistic episode, even by 1960s TV standards, but I think she's still an interesting character.

    You know what, I actually disagree about Turnabout Intruder being really misogynistic. Yeah, she went about it in a pretty insane way and wasn’t painted in the prettiest light, and I think that’s where the interpretation of misogyny comes in, but it was an episode about how difficult it is for women to get ahead. It showed that women are unhappy being stuck in lower positions in life, and they are going to fucking do something about it.

    I just think it’s amazing that an episode even addressed the glass ceiling. While it sucks that she had to literally become a man to get ahead, it is representative of the fact  that women are currently being forced to join “the boys’ club” to succeed instead of being able to be in power while still being feminine. Yeah, the line where someone (maybe Kirk) said “If only she had been happy in her place as a woman” or whatever was pretty shitty, but I think the way they framed it was that they were trying to say “Um, no, women should be allowed to do what they want and captain starships, and it makes them miserable and drives them insane with despair when they have to deal with being oppressed.” 

    So, I liked Janice Lester. She showed that women will fight until they have equality. The ending could have been written much better, but I think the episode succeeded in pointing out the sexism in society, which a lot of shows refuse to do. 

    Plus the acting was just spot-on, and I love that episode a whole lot. Shatner and Sandra Smith were just SO GOOD at imitating each other’s mannerisms and speech patterns. I was floored. 

    Great question, by the way. I love talking about feminism and social justice in TOS.


    "Now I’ll never be able to Captain a Starship!" *insert Janeway laughing triumphantly in the distance*

  4. ekothedolphin:

    I am more than 50 pages deep on this tumblr

    started last week don’t even care

    Bless you, we love you.

    Please take this beautiful black and white image of the Greek god Williamus Shatnerius as your medal in the get-through-massive-amounts-of-our-blog Olympics.


    (Source: textsfromtos)


  5. It’s that time of the week…

    Also, hello, it’s Tuesday which means we are having our weekly ask party. We tag all our asks “double dumbask on you” if you’d like to blacklist the extravaganza.

    Ask us things we are bad college students.

  6. mylittleredgirl:

    What makes this beautiful is that this is from textsfromtos, who once made the most comprehensive case for a lesbian Uhura that I’ve seen on tumblr.

    #and I LOVE THAT IDEA #but this is also giving me uhura x scotty feels #so goddammit textsfromtos WAY TO CONFUSE MY FEELINGS OKAY

    We think it’s only fair to give representation to all the ships, even when it confuses the hell out of everyone’s feelings <3 MULTISHIPPING, ANYONE!?

    (And also we do in fact have a campaign called Lesbian Uhura 2014, all posts related to which can be found HERE. Thank you so much for calling my lesbian Uhura analysis the most comprehensive you’ve ever seen, that makes me tear up a little. That comprehensive post in question can be found at the bottom of that link.)


  12. good cuz that was gonna be a dealbreaker