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    just ship me with a sideblog. ship me with textsfromtos. not the mods behind it, the blog itself

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  3. Wow, I appreciate the enthusiasm.  We really have the greatest followers.

    Maybe after STLV, we’ll make some more and set up an etsy or something.  And I’ll put effort into making them cute, this time, instead of just trying to beat Spenser’s deadline for printing them out.

    Regarding postage: I don’t see us profiting from these, so we would probably only charge for postage.  So I imagine it would be more of a cost for you, m’dear, but we can try and get a flat rate or something.  I will definitely figure something out, because I don’t want anyone to go without buttons.  If you meant ‘problem’ in something other than an economical sense, don’t worry at all.  I ship things to and from England all the time.

    Thanks, everyone!  You’re a bunch of cuties.

    - Sally

  5. Thank you they took seriously ten seconds each to make.

    If we have buttons leftover (or if more people are interested), we can definitely set up a way of sending them out.  What do you think?


  7. Anonymous said: Heyyyyy, I'm going to be at STLV dressed as Cerano Jones! I'm going to be all by myself, so it'd be cool to find you guys and get a button. (I can also get you a tribble, they're harmless, I promise.)


    We’d love a few tribbles, but would hate to get stuck in the car with them.

    That’s such a fun costume choice!  We’ll keep an eye out and a button ready.

    We each have two costumes (not hardcore enough to have a different one for each day yet… next year, perhaps.)  Spenser will be dressed as either Gem (The Empath herself) or Janice Rand, and I’ll be dressed as either Saavik or Bones. 

    Tell us if you’re going to Star Trek Las Vegas!

    - Sally


  8. Friends! Countrymen and anyone else of any gender!



    From July 31st to August 3rd, Sally and I are going to be at Star Trek Las Vegas convention!

    Star Trek Las Vegas Banner

    Since there are almost three thousand of you following this blog, and you are all presumably Trekkies (Or Trekkers if that term offends you), we figured there are probably a few of you going!

    We thought it would be great to meet some of you and chat at the convention, so we might plan a little “Find Us!” game where we give cute buttons we will make to anyone who recognizes us and comes up to chat. This will really only happen if we can confirm that some of you guys are going, though, so either send us an ask or reblog this with a comment if you are going to be there!

    We really hope to meet some of you at STLV!


    Here.  Enjoy some poorly-cropped previews of the buttons.  We can’t wait to see you there! (We’ll be posting pictures of ourselves soon, so you can actually find us.  And we’ll most likely be wearing the buttons too, so keep an eye out.)

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    Marry her

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  13. Anonymous said: you said that this could be ask night? rnadom questoin; do any of you play Pokemon? i love those games


    I love Pokemon! I didn’t get into the games until I was like fifteen (I started with Diamond.) But now I adore them, and I just beat X a few weeks ago. I’m still beating myself up because my favorite types are fire and psychic but for some reason I wanted to switch it up and I picked the water starter :(

    I loved the anime when I was little though; I was obsessed with it when I was like 5-7. Fun fact: Ash Ketchum was my first fictional crush. The dorky little face squiggles got six-year-old-me good.


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  15. Anonymous said: do you ever get really amusing asks?

    We get some good ones, for sure.  At the moment, we have a couple just chillin’ in the inbox (they’re for Spenser, but she doesn’t have wifi at the moment.  So please don’t think we’re ignoring you.) 

    We’ve got one about pokemon, one about whether or not Chapel’s figure is ‘natural’, and one about Chapel/Bones.  Also one just telling us they would buy a Zine, once we finish it.  Otherwise, I know we got a fun one once that involved Taco Night on the Enterprise or something, which is as strange as they’ve gotten, I think.

    By all means, try and beat that.

    - Sally